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Fitbit is a technology company dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Fitbit has created an ecosystem of wireless tracking devices that collect health and fitness-related data, which users can access in a fun, engaging and motivating way view through their online dashboard or via Fitbit’s iPhone and Android app.

In collaboration with Fitbit’s internal teams, Character was tasked with developing a new packaging system that would be applied to both their existing and future suite of products. The new packaging system would be showcased via two of Fitbit’s latest products:



1. Fitbit Aria – A wireless “smart scale” that tracks weight, % body fat and Body Mass Index
2. Fitbit ZIP – A wireless activity tracker that automatically measure steps, distance and calories burned.


The new packaging system had to work hard on a number of different levels. Firstly, the structure and design had to stand out and grab the attention of consumers in a cluttered, highly competitive retail environment. Secondly, the design language had to be versatile enough to work across both the Fitbit Aria and Fitbit ZIP, in addition to any future product SKU’s. From a visual perspective, the design language had to leverage Fitbit’s


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current brand identity and complement Fitbit’s existing online experience. From a messaging perspective, both packaging designs had to clearly communicate product functionality, product benefits and the setup process in a simple, easy-to-understand and graphical manner.


The Fitbit Aria successfully launched in January at the Consumer Electronics Show to rave reviews. The Fitbit ZIP followed later in the year, launching with Fitbit’s “The One” – Fitbit’s latest iteration of their activity and sleep tracker.

Text source: Character.