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Beyoncé's Seamless Fluid Image Masonry

It was designed by NYC design agency designedmemory.

Aside from the glorious aura that is Beyoncé, this site actually has an awesome technique. If you resize the browser window, you’ll see that the images are always in 3 columns and there are no gaps between the images. This is actually pretty hard to do. Browsers will properly size the items with width: 33.3333% to cover 3 columns. But when size is measured with JavaScript, the fractional pixel values will be rounded off, causing items to jump to the next column and break the layout. In the past (see Isotope issue #222), I’ve tried to resolve the issue with overly-intrusive JS.

designedmemory came up with a much better solution. Instead of trying to get exactly 3 columns in the layout, the columns are sized just a fraction to be less than the ideal. Then the images are sized to be just a little bit bigger to cover the gap. Brilliant!

Source: Metafizzy

Thomas Persson Art Directs Hermès Men Brochure

Identity & Editorial Design for a quarterly design journal based in Monterrey & Mexico City.

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New York Chill (Embed Video)

Sure it was the coldest winter on record and our flights got grounded (and some kid’s tongue got stuck to a pole) but that didn’t stop us from hitting the icy streets of New York to shoot the AW11 collection for Portmans. Working with world-renowned photographer Matt Jones and Girl On Top Abbey Lee, the New York Chill campaign included print advertising, fashion film, and in-store imagery.

Source: janetheagency.com.au

Daniel Jackson Shoots Nude for Prada New York Flagship Store Installation

Prada asked Daniel Jackson to create a photograph to adorn the whole main wall lenght of their New York Soho flagship store.

Source: M.A.P

de Sede at DOMO

As part of our on-going marketing activities for furniture retailer DOMO, Hunt&Co. was engaged to develop the collateral for the launch of Swiss furniture company de Sede into Australia.

de Sede has been creating premium-quality leather furniture for an international market since 1965. The original skilled craftsman’s workshop has grown to become a company with over 1000 trading partners in more than 100 countries around the globe. A development that has only been possible thanks to the high standard of skilled craftsmanship that has been consistently maintained and the unmistakable design of de Sede products.

The launch initiatives comprised of an exclusive event invite, promotional posters, postcards, website integration and targeted email campaign.

Source: Hunt&Co.

Jesse Chehak Photographs Tesla Model S Electric Car for Fortune Magazine

Jesse Chehak photographed the Tesla Model S – the world’s first premium electric sedan – for Fortune magazine.

Photography by Jesse Chehak.

Source: M.A.P

The Art of Colour

It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate and inspire, suppress and even surprise. Welcome to the Art Of Colour for Rogerseller. Working in collaboration with Harvest Textiles we created a series of colourful string sculptures for their showrooms across the country. The string installations form part of a larger campaign created by Jane to deliver a unique brand aesthetic for the season, including a limited edition journal, digital advertising and printed brand collateral.

Source: janetheagency.com.au/