Thomas Persson Art Directs Hermès Men Brochure

Identity & Editorial Design for a quarterly design journal based in Monterrey & Mexico City.

Folio was conceived with the idea of developing a container for design topics, that doesn’t contaminate the design itself or the content.

Face started from the naming, creating a generic, easy to remeber, simple and appealing name that makes sense not only for the type of document, but also for keeping track of the issue with the number or folio.

The design was the easy part. A very bold, legible, simple logo to communicate good design. Add some stylish and generic fonts to the mix and you can call it a win instantly. The layout is based on technical documents where everything is self explanatory, even literal by naming every space, item, element or text by its name. The overlapping of photos creates a more appealing, aesthetic look.
Overall this simple document contains and documents what’s best for everybody: good content inside a good container.

Image source: M.A.P